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Research, negotiate and deliver

Your purchases and sales office in China

Stepping into the Chinese market is no longer a brilliant entrepreneurial choice but a necessity that Italian companies can no longer put it off. China is not only the production of the world, where there are still products and low-cost components, but also is poised to become the largest export market of the planet.

And ‘no doubt, therefore, that China represents a huge potential, as well as the difficulties are enormous to tackle this market.

The OXOindustries is able to provide business solutions convenient, simple and complete in the field of international commerce. Our trading services include research of suppliers or customers, preliminary checks and audits of companies, management and supervision of orders and invoices, negotiation aimed at achieving the best terms and conditions, with the aim of identifying the ideal supplier or the right strategy of penetration.

Our services market penetration:

  • Preliminary assessment with the client company to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and potential.
  • Search and selection of distributors, representatives, agents, area managers, sales managers.
  • Search and selection of local businesses potentially affected.
  • Management sent to the relevant documentation and samples.
  • Identification of logistical operations for the storage of goods and products.
  • Identification of locations for showrooms.
  • Participation in trade fairs.
  • Promotional activities and website.
  • Personnel selection.
  • Training of personnel commercial.
  • Definition of procedures and business functions, manual sales reports visits, commissions and fees.
  • Coaching on the field.
  • Relations between commercial and corporate staff.
  • Budgeting and business reporting for the sales area.

Our strategies marketing geometry is adjustable, adaptable to different requirements

Our Services for the supply

In the modern era it is not difficult to find products in China, there are many sites known for the variety of offerings, unfortunately conclude with satisfaction is not always possible. Buy directly in China can be very harmful even when they meet honest companies, one mistake in the process of buying and selling can undo all the economic benefits estimated.

We propose as a buying office dislocated and simplifying all processes, as the sole supplier to manage the entire time they purchase products on the territory of China.

Leave it to us to seek, verify and systematically contact the best suppliers for parts and components required.

We are in China for ten years and we know how to negotiate the best prices, we know the procedures import / export, customs codes and collaborate with leading international freight forwarders. We deal with the execution of orders and compliance with the deadlines and you focus on your work.

Our service purchases will erase all of the risks inherent in a negotiation at a distance with the result of a first class service at a lower cost than you could get directly.

OXOindustries: China has never been so close.

Areas of expertise

During our 10 years of activities, we have researched, tested and analyzed products and Chinese suppliers, thus created a specific skill with the result quality by the price in the best compromise. We offer some examples

Auto Sector
– Radiators and Condensers
– Flexible and silencers
– Catalysts and filters FAP / DPF
– Fuel Filters, air and oil
– Fuel Pumps
Gadget industry
Biodegradable and renewable energy
– Solar Panels
– Biodegradable
– Water Generators
– Wind generators
Water and wastewater
– Dosing Systems
– Measuring Instruments
– Polipreparatori
Consumer Goods
– Magnets and solenoids in nanocrystalline ferrites and
– Display standard and custom
– Motors and Gearmotors standard and custom
We can search the market any other products not listed

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To shorten the distance, China has never been so close.

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