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Tekno division: from the idea to the finished product.

Manufacturing and assembling

In the modern era, where competitiveness is at the highest level, more and more companies tend to delegate the various activities at suppliers design and production directly asking for semi-finished and/or finished products and be able to concentrate resources in other activities.

The Tekno division is the heart of our group.

Thanks to a team of experts, our mechanical workshop and partnering with local industries in various sectors of industrial production, we can offer a complete service. The OXOindustries is able to determine the feasibility of production projects and perform careful analysis of the costs, in accordance with production requirements and the logistical needs of the client.

Co-Design, industrialize, manufacture and market products and components of the highest quality and convenience.

Activities we manage for industries

Contract manufacturing

If the main goal of your company is to acquire competitiveness and significantly reduce the cost of production, the OXOindustries shows you how to determine the optimal solution of the latter in China and to entrust the production and / or assembly to our Tekno division. The contract manufacturing will allow you to reduce the costs of production of finished goods and components and to consolidate your market position. The OXO industries, as well as to guide you throughout the planning phase, it offers you the opportunity to industrialize and produce your products and components with convenience and quality.


This service will allow your company to delegate to the entire OXO industries during the design and production of parts; Our team of qualified engineers will construct a 2D and 3D drawings, and then to start the work once we have received your approval.

By choosing to delegate to our group the industrialization phase of your products, you can interface with a unique partner with experience and expertise in different industrial sectors, this will allow you verticalize to OXOindustries the entire production chain.

Mould realization

Realizing moulds in China enables you to have access to the finished product with speed and convenience. Entrust your moulds to the OXO Industries allows you to reduce the cost of production and to create high quality components. Our company manufactures moulds with the best steel and equipment that match the quality of European ones. In order to ensure maximum transparency, we consistently keep our customers informed about all significant progresses in the production process.

OXO Industries designs moulds with removable inserts. Our company cooperates with LKM, the best Chinese company in moulds production. LKM, as well as holders, provide the constituent materials of printers’ parts. In the event your company wishes to choose a surface treatment or use hardened materials, OXO Industries cooperates with the international company ASSAB. In order to minimize the risk of technical misunderstandings and simplify the moulds production, OXO Industries constructs an entire project sample in 3D and 2D. The customer’s company can provide us the product drawings in any format. With the aim of producing moulds in accordance with the Chinese standards, our engineer readjust the drawings and the technical specifications. OXO Industries works with the best software for mould design (UG, PRO, SOLID WORK, MASTERCAM, CIMATRONIC). On all our projects, we execute specific viability within the FEA regulations. We use appropriate tools for the numerical simulation of flows and resistances such as Mouldflow and Cosmos Works.

Our company follows and supports suppliers during the entire process of the mould realization and production (from the engineering phase of the product to the samples’ realization phase). We send the customer’s company mould samples before starting the production. Our company contractually guarantees the physical and intellectual property of the products commissioned. At any time, you can have returned the moulds and equipment that were used during the process of manufacturing the product. We at OXO Industries will monitor the different production steps, analyze and record the molding parameters during the sampling phase of the products, which allows us to ensure a lasting grade on par with the European quality.

Plastic injection

In the workshops of OXOindustries through the tens of presses of various tonnage, we are able to print technical components from 0.5 to 1500gr. As an additional service, in collaboration with the university on plastics in Beijing, we are able to evaluate the best solution for the customer and compromise. The materials most ‘used are PP, PE, ABS, PA, PC, POM, PS, and also PVC and specialty polymers such as PVDF, PPS, PSU,, DVT and much more.

With regard to the molding of plastic parts and their production on a large scale monitoring of the production process at our workshop and a careful analysis and registration of molding parameters during the execution of sampling, enables us to ensure quality over time molding entirely comparable with that European but to a much lower cost, especially for pieces that require assembly on the machine.

Mechanical manufacturing

The machine shops OXOindustries, together with local partners in the field, they are able to produce mechanical components to design with very tight tolerances and fine surface finishes through the more ‘modern CNC machines. A strict selection of potential partners, provide cutting-edge collaborations with industries with certified quality systems. We are able to supply the product in compliance with all the various specifications of the customer by providing samples for verification.

PCB and Circuit Board Realization

In recent years, the global production of electronic boards has shifted to the East for obvious reasons of cost. OXOindustries, in collaboration with leading companies in the industry, is able to manage the whole project for the construction of PCB and assembly of electronic boards and professional, from small series to mass production. We are also able to provide a service for functional testing and reliability testing when requested.

Rapid prototyping

We are able to create functional prototypes through the more ‘innovative construction techniques. Rapid prototyping in SLA, SLS, FDM and VSM. Send us 3D files of the parts to achieve, we propose a quote and we will send you the finished product by courier within a few days, direct from China at very competitive cost.

OXOindustries, comprehensive solutions with high added value.

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