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China Background

In the last few decades, the Chinese economy has risen to the second largest in the world. China’s rapid development into a market-driven economy has opened a great deal of opportunities in trade and investment. The potential export market, coupled with the ability to reduce costs of production, have made ​​China attractive opportunity for any company.

This is multifaceted environment that can often pose many challenges to foreign companies with business interests in the region.

However, the culture and the reference models in China, are quite different from those of the West and the difficulties encountered are unimaginable. We are dealing with a society that is changing rapidly with the structures and organizational models so old and obsolete as cost-effective as well as cutting-edge technology and innovation. Cultural barriers, legislation, the "modus operandi" and the various industry standards, can pose problems not easily solved. These problems might be harmful and dangerous for all those investors who arrive in this market by inexperienced and without adequate preparation.

It’s just finding the right partner that could bring corporate investors at the top of competitiveness.

Project Management Process

Professionalism and experience distinguish us

With our extensive experience in consulting, design, industrialization and the production of products and components, OXO Industries can provide suitable and tailor-made business solutions. We carry out in-depth proprietary analysis in the strictest confidence.

Transparency and Security

We develop all projects with fairness and transparency. OXO Industries guarantees that all projects and products commissioned to us will not be misused or replayed for illegal purposes. We ensure intellectual property protection and we carry out in-depth proprietary analysis in the strictest confidence. All the undertaken projects, the products and components’ drafts, drawings and documents will always be the sole property of the customer’s company. The integrity and reliability of our local partners allow us to offer asafe, trustful and transparent service.

Project Management

With a dedicated and expert team of engineers and collaborating with local partners, OXO Industries designs products and components of the highest quality and affordability. OXO Industries is able to determine the practicability of production projects and to perform detailed analysis of costs in accordance with the production and logistic requirements of customers. We provide cost effective, straightforward, comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

Our checklist of your project management in China:

STEP I: Product Search & Negotiations

  • Clarify requirements with respect to design, function, product liability, safety laws
  • “Seek truth from fact”: Clarify involvement and scope of manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Cross-check price information independently
  • Use samples to check for possible sources of defect
  • Conduct factory audit, check licenses
  • Approve the manufacturer – not the supplier

STEP II: Contract

  • Secure the agreed terms
  • Include detailed order specifics incl. packaging and labeling
  • Specify manufacturer’s quality assurance commitments
  • Consider IP issues (ownership, licensing, protective measures, remedies) and their impact
  • Install anti-bribery clause
  • Incentivize supplier through payment terms
  • Include warranties
  • Don’t forget dispute settlement paragraph

STEP III: Production

  • Execute quality assurance (QA) programs with suppliers, manufacturers and approved sub-contractors; include training and written QA guidelines
  • Monitor compliance of factory’s QA programs
  • Conduct ongoing quality control (QC) for all product features, design, functions
  • Packaging, certification tags, labeling, user manual etc are as important as the actual product
  • Have QC capacity on location or outsource same
  • Sub-contract QC for products with special requirements or high risk products
  • Let products be analyzed by approved laboratories
  • Conduct unexpected random checks
  • Send samples (to be defined) to the customer company
  • After the customer company’s approval, start the production

STEP IV: Shipment & Documentation

  • Supervise container loading and shipping
  • Liaise shipment with shipping line or logistics provider
  • Check supplier’s shipping documents
  • Have payments approved and effected by separate people
  • Ensure correct product classification for customs purposes

Standards optimization

Between China and Europe persist enormous cultural gaps, differences in laws and standards of production and design. OXO Industries provides a qualified team of engineers able to identify operational methods and production technologies in strict accordance with the Chinese regulations. In order to minimize the risk of errors and misunderstanding, we offer to readjust any type of project to the Chinese production and trade standards.

Follow Up Service and Project Tracking

OXO Industries offers an accurate “Follow Up” service that allows our customers to monitor systematically the project development. In order to ensure maximum transparency, we consistently keep our customers informed about all significant progresses in the production process. We regularly update a customer company’s referent and send them all the information about the process development.

Quality Warranties

Producing and/or purchasing at a low cost are not the only elements that can ensure the business success. The quality of products and processes is what can actually bring a company to the heights of competitiveness. Our quality control service (based on ISO 9001 Standards) guarantees our customers that all project and production requirements are respected. Through targeted controls and occasionally through checking 100% of the production, we constantly check that the customer company’s requirements have been followed in details.

Sampling and manufacturing

In the phase prior to the start of production, the OXOindustries sends to customers a sampling of commissioned parts. In addition to ensuring that the supply has the same characteristics of the sample, our company processes and stores the data sheets for each product aided by the procedures which will be followed meticulously whenever this particular will be produced again.

Import/export and delivery

To facilitate shipping times OXOindustries will complete all customs formalities for the import/export, the relevant shipping documents and the all-accessory activities till the delivery to your warehouse.

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