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To find the most suitable solution for your business is the main mission of our company. OXO industries wants to become your information and strategic guidance point in the complex Chinese market. OXO Industries is highly experienced in advising industrial clients on growth in China and we deliver practical results and actionable recommendations. Our company provides customized and tailor-made consulting services to all firms that are interested in starting productive, industrial and commercial partnerships in China.

Our consulting services:

Corporate service

The OXO Industries’ Corporate Service is concerned with providing clients efficient and reliable set up of a company, all related administration to ensure its continuity or even effectively carrying out the process of deregistration of a company. We can support your company in setting up in China, Hong Kong and in the Virgin Islands.

The main investment options include:

  • Representative Office (RO)
  • Equity Joint Venture (EJV)
  • Cooperative Joint Venture (CJV)
  • Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

Trademarks and patents

Is essential for any company that is preparing to operate in the Chinese market, to protect its products and brands, to avoid later to watch helplessly in fraudulent reproductions of brands and products. Copies of plagiarism and product brands are the order of the day in China, but few people know the law and they know that the Chinese government protects the rights of trademark, copyright, patents and intellectual property IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) own like all industrialized countries. Often the problem is that foreign companies do not register their trademark in the trademark office of China, the only act that, in the event of infringement, entitling the persecution of the crime on the territory of China. It is worth therefore face a small fee (the trademark registration lasts 10 years) to be prepared to deal with any problems. To import into China of electrical equipment and motors, it is mandatory to apply for certification CCC (China Compulsory Certification), OXOindustries is able to approve your equipment by providing specific procedures in this regard.

Market Mapping and Industries Analysis

In order to understand the features of the economic reality in which a company to start and consolidate the business, it is important to be fully aware of the peculiarities of the market and the potential consumers.

Before deciding on any commitment in China, you should know where the pockets of growth and profit pools are, and how you can best apply your business model and competitive advantage in the local market. Together with the data analysis and deeper market knowledge, we provide tailor-made business planning and implementation support as critical tools for sustainable growth, while at the same time safeguarding clients’ interests. Thinking of entering into the Chinese market without first understanding the main features of the country and its potential customers could be lethal for a company that intends to approach the vast Asian market in a standardized manner.

OXO Industries’ Consulting Service includes:

  • Industry Segmentation, Trends And Drivers
  • Competition / Industry Best Practices
  • Demand / Application Industries
  • China Strategy Design
  • Opportunity Identification / Applicability of Global Business Model
  • Business Planning
  • Implementation Support

Trade Fairs

OXO Industries organizes visits to all trade fairs set up in China and Hong Kong. We also offers the possibility to book exhibition stands. Our company provides an organization set-up service of trade fair stands.

Factory Audit

The OXO Industries’ Factory Audit service includes:

  • In depth factory audits by applying proven techniques.
  • Assessment of organizational structure and facilities of manufacturers and their subcontractors.
  • Overall review of suppliers’ quality assurance scheme, staff qualifications and skills, and working environment.
  • Recommendations on any deficiencies uncovered.


OXO Industries constantly monitors the suppliers’ work and their operational procedures. We are committed to submit timely and consistent information about the project development to our customers. When needed we are able  to send our engineer within 24 hours in order to ensure that the given specifications are met by sending to the client, in real time, the relevant reports on checks carried out.

The inspection process includes:

  • Pre-Production Inspection
  • In line Inspection
  • Final Random Inspection
  • Barcode testing
  • Loading Supervision


We can handle all the paperwork for obtaining international certifications for quality and / or safety of production processes or product classes. by certification bodies accredited local we can certify CCC, CE, ISO, RHOS, CSA / UL etc..

HR research and management

We take care of finding and managing human resources in every aspect, from the interview and recruitment to training, employment contract and payroll, all in compliance with local laws.

Translation and Interpreting Service

We are able to offer a cost effective, straightforward, comprehensive translation and interpreting service. With native speakers, qualified translators and interpreters, OXO Industries provides a translation and interpreting service in Italian, English and Asian languages with the right mix of quality and convenience.

Finance and Accounting

We provide an adequate financial and accounting service occasionally combined with the support of a legal office. With a dedicated, qualified and knowledgeable team, OXO Industries is up to date with local legislations and requirements and can proficiently support your business needs so that your company can focus on core competences.

Our Finance and Accounting Service includes:

  • Accounting
  • Management of Bank Account
  • Audit Management
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Taxation
  • Internal Control Review and Implementation
  • Tax Clearance in a Company Closure
  • Payroll

IT Solutions

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